Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Book to be Highly Recommended

Under no circumstances would I condone the recent multi-faceted attacks on the TOBs - West, and by association, Janet Smith, even though I am one of the critics!!!

I criticize friends. I condemn enemies. West is 99% right, good and true. That's pretty good in my books. That's a better record than most of you would get from me! :)

The above is not the gurglings of a guilty conscience, but a preamble for a recommendation of a book I just read: Life Issues, Medical Choices: Questions and Answers for Catholics, by Janet Smith and Christopher Kaczor.

Order it here.

It is a 10 for readability and informativeness. It's the perfect place for anyone to begin the study of medical ethics from a Catholic perspective. You can be sure that the information in this book is faithful to the Magisterium. It includes a good list of what books to go to next.

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