Friday, July 2, 2010

Best / Worst of Times

Good: Went to the fireworks last night with two of the kids. Staked out our place early. It was so fun.

Bad: Sarah-Grace was sick and couldn't go.

Good: Brought the van just in case it was buggy. It wasn't really at all.

Bad: When the fireworks ended the car wouldn't start. Living in the heart of a small town is murder to a battery.

Good: Got a great friend who always bails me out of stupid situations like this one, who works about a hundred meters away from where my van is.

Bad: He is in Pembroke today.

Good: My good friend Archbishop Prendergast is visiting today around lunchtime.

Bad: I have a sink full of dishes, and since he's coming I can't leave them.

Good: Starbucks has just announced free limitless Wi-Fi at its Canadian locations.

Bad: The nearest Starbucks to me is 200 kms away: Ottawa to the East, Peterborough to the South-West.

Good: The weather is changing. It's warming up to 24 today. Should be beautiful.

Bad: It'll be 29 degrees tomorrow.

Good: Anne-Marie let me sleep in today.

Bad: Anne-Marie let me sleep in today so I'm behind already.

Good: Anne-Marie is making a lovely lunch for the Archbishop.

Bad: Again, more dishes.

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