Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Quick Thought on Self-Esteem

Academics - and colleagues of mine have expressed this same thought to me as well - academics is a hard road emotionally. One is constantly being evaluated. The industry is competitive, very, overtly competitive. Even when no one says anything, the pressure remains. But here's what I can say to you for when you are feeling low and worthless, and it's advice that I follow myself: when you get a slap and you're stinging, just wait a bit and the Lord will send you consolation and aid. Often, at least this has been my experience, He sends a good word via a brother or sister in Christ. I find that the one thing that Christ is saying to me most often these days in prayer is:

"Trust me. I know how to take care of you; you can trust others or Me, but when you are trusting others to save you, you are not trusting Me, and that's what I want for you. We'll take it one little step at a time. Small little bits of faith in Me is what I'm asking of you now, and I know you can do that little bit."

In other words, waiting for Him to comfort you and take care of you is an act of faith.

I got one of those slaps the other day. But just before that I got a great compliment, and then just today another one. One was from a teacher of mine, the other from a student. That means a lot.

Thanks, God, and thanks my sisters in Christ!


Perhaps today was about a little compliment for Cardinal Ouellet. I am so happy for him, for Quebec, and for Canada. Are you remotely aware of how significant this is for the future of the Church in Canada? The bloggers and news sources I have been reading about it don't seem to be aware of this.

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  1. I appreciate very much your comments on whom do you trust. It is so easy and so often almost necessary (at least in "worldly" terms) to reach out and place your trust in others, especially when it comes to important people in your life, such as your family or your parents, people under whose authority you go.

    But it is also true (and I suppose it is of a greater truth) that one must ultimately trust God, beyond others and whatever legitimacy and influence they hold in your life. What an austere detachment to learn!

    Your prayer as your recorded it is really where it's at, for me too. Doing the small immediate act of faith, when one is tempted to fill that moment with instead a little act of despair, or cynicism. And to believe that your will is enough for even that tiny motion of faith to become real.