Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Sunday and happy Feast of Corpus Christi everybody!

It's a great day even though the outdoor procession was moved indoors because of the rain. What a glorious feast day, this is. The old diad of Trinity Sunday and Corpus Christi, a sign to me it's summer. Two great mysteries.

Another OLSWA Wedding

Kudos to two students of mine who got married yesterday - Sean (aka Jonathan) and Stephanie Koechl (nee Hartwick). Congrats you two! Sorry I couldn't be there. You will have a happy and holy marriage. Cooperate with the graces of your state. My daughters always loved Sean. These two were in my class my first year at OLSWA. 'My class' means second year, since I teach two of the core second year courses. I always bond the most with that year. That class is still the one I am closest to.

My Summer Update

Judging by the number of times I am asked, perhaps it would be good to treat of what exactly a prof like me does over the summer. People are polite. Instead of saying, "Must be nice to have all summer to do nothing, eh?" People usually phrase it something like, "So, things must be winding up over there at the Academy, eh?"

I've written alot about what I've been doing around home. Loving the gardening, of course, put up eavestrough on the garage, finally finished the floating floor at the front door, etc. But that is all home stuff. Work stuff, primarily includes reading. I have the interminable fault of heavily revising my courses ever year. That means a great deal of reading and research. But it is exciting and keeps me up-to-date. As I've hinting previously, I am taking a more apologetical approach this coming year. The point will be to highlight the relevance of the stuff I teach. I am planning on hosting some kind of day-long study session for the faculty, soon. Just can't decide what the topic will be. The problem is that it should be inter-disciplinary. I am actually leaning toward Newman, since, he was a theologian, historian, and literary figure. Or perhaps 'Icons of Christ: Our Lord's Many Appearances in the Academic World." I just thought of that one. Would you come to listen?

I am still finishing up my "God and Man" course I am taking through Christendom. I am just about finished the term paper. Interestingly enough I am writing on 'reviling, backbiting, tale-bearing and ridicule' - in other words, four of the five non-voluntary, non-judicial verbal vices against justice. It's kind of interesting. I've studies so much of the Summa, but not all of these nitty-gritty virtues/vices of the Secunda Secundae Partis. Perhap I'll post the paper once it's finished.

I am also attending meetings here and there. I am on the Board, as you know, and on the 'Admissions Committee', both of which meet over the summer. As librarian, I am also on the staff, and it meets about every second week. I am doing quite a bit of library work, mostly cataloguing books. We haven't nearly the shelf space we need so it is a bit of a struggle to find a place for all these newly catalogued books.

Finally, I am reading and researching, not just for my courses, but for my own writing. Profs are expected to publish. I have a few things on the go. I don't really want to publish my thesis, so I'm working on other, yes, related, things.

In my opinion, the most important part of my job is reading. Yes, it's enjoyable and rewarding, and you can do it at the beach, but it still requires discipline. I'm not reading magazines and romance novels here people!

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