Friday, May 28, 2010


I'm Not Losing My Job at OLSWA!

Wah-whoo. This is only because of the extraordinary generosity of our benefactors. Thank you! I promise to do the best job I can. I might even be able to teach Christology this year... It is so exciting!

But please, keep up the donations. This is going to be a tight year and how it goes will be a real sign of the viability of our institution. We have much more realistic fundraising goals and a much better tuition-to-actual-cost ratio. Remember, though, that our professors are paid way below market value, and so we are not on solid financial footing by any means. Be generous for the sake of the future of Catholic education in Canada.

A Curiosity in Barry's Bay

Almost more important here than baptized or un-baptized is Polish or Irish, apparently. St. Paul wrote neither Gentile nor Jew, he did not say anything about Polish or Irish. So we have the curious case of a shared cemetery (the "St. Hedwig and St. Lawrence O'Toole Cemetery Annex") between Barry's Bay's two parishes being bisected with parishioners of St. Hedwig's on the left, and parishioners of St. Lawrence on the right. Just seems curious to me, at the resurrection of the dead will the Lord ask us to what parish of the Pembroke Diocese we belonged? What is the operating rationale here - maintenance? No, the same one guy mows both sides. Is it to cut down on the confusion of visitors? I don't see how it could. "Well, the Irish are on the right," you might offer. Really? Read the names. The first 'Irish' one as you read left to right is Dumbroskie. Confused racism runs rampant in Barry's Bay.

Weather Woes

It has been an unusual week weather-wise here. I suppose in most of Ontario, although I haven't checked with my Toronto brother to confirm what was going on down there. I am certainly not going to complain, though. It was not all that long ago that I was complaining in this blog about the cold and eagerly awaiting the Spring. Yet it must not be denied that a man as magnificent (in the traditional, 'fat' sense of the word) as I am should in no way be exposed to 35 degree heat. Wednesday was the first time I ever remember being happy about rain - ever.

Anne-Marie has finally agreed that the risk of frost is now minimal and so is finally planting some stuff. (Remember, it was in the thirties most of the week!)

Give a boy some corn, he eats for a day. Teach him to grow his own, he changes his name to Orville.

Yes, a bug jacket is a little over the top.
Those who sow in tears reap without any Kleenex.

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  1. Dave suffers great inner turmoil: Patrick Fitzpatrick meet Bronus Afelskie. He is destined to lie on both sides of the lawn. (Tell Paul to go easy with the mower. I imagine I have neither enough Irish and zero Polish in me to allow for licit burial in BB; cremation is my earthly destiny unless we move to an unsegregated town.) I have only addded to our children's woes by bringing some Lynch into the mix. Don't make fun of your wife's bug jacket - she is a very smart woman.