Saturday, May 15, 2010


Update on Cardinal Schonborn

A colleague sent me this link, Fr. Fessio's explanation of Cardinal Schonborn's weird statements. Now this article does not justify all of the unusual statements made in the original Tablet article, but it goes to some length. I think we are at least right to think now that, no, he has not apostasized (!), but he was way too theoretical and complicated for that group of journalists, and misunderstanding is in some way his own fault. Imagine talking about the differences between Kant and Aristotle to a bunch of journalists - a legendarily stupid group of people! My father did many, many interviews re. the Atlantic fishery and was always bemused how journalists would always get wrong what he would tell them. How could they get it right- they weren't scientists? And how could those journalists - even barring their intention to undermine and sensationalize - get a subtle bit of ethics right?

A Sad but Hopeful Thing

OLSWA's first president died on Wednesday - Dr. David Warner. He endured a nearly two-year struggle with bone cancer in a way that I would have to call faithfully. His manner was edifying. His wife endured bravely and his family did him proud. I found out about David's cancer on the very day I found out about my dad's. Now his suffering is over, and we can be thankful for that. May he pray for us now, as we do pray for him and his family. John Henry Newman, pray for us!

My Yard, etc.

Things are coming along well with my Hanging Garden of Babylon. I planted two apple trees, plunked in a bunch of pumpkin plants and re-did the concrete in front of my garage. Pictures will follow - if the poor pumpkin plants survive their transplanting!

Happy News from OLSWA

As of May 15th the pay cuts are ended! I can't believe I actually financially survived this! I must recount the amazing generosity of some benefactors to us that made this so. Nevertheless, my credit card bill is huge as a consequence of this impasse, so we're by no means in happy times. Equally amazing is the amount that people donated to OLSWA to get us out of our financial disaster. Here's to the wonderful leadership of Dr. Keith Cassidy and all the hard work of our development team! Here's to the great generosity of so many people who want a true Catholic college to survive in Canada! I want to single out in this case Fr. DeValk of Catholic Insight (the best Catholic publication in Canada) who made a plea on our behalf to his subscribers, who were in turn so generous to us. I pray for all of you.

In the end the whole ordeal was spiritually beneficial to me. I need to be periodically reminded about what's important in life and what my life is all about. I'm not materialistic by any means, but certainly not as spiritual and committed as I need to be.

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