Sunday, May 2, 2010


What you might not know about me is that after theology my great love is woodworking. It's my one hobby that's not reading. I've developed some skills over the years, despite the fact that I've never had any money, nor till last summer a house of my own. Yet I have managed to amass a decent amount of tools, and a great deal of interest. I'm doing a number of things around the house right now. I like working outside the most this time of year, so this, my sweet baby, my work shop, is kind of getting a lot of attention. I salvaged the door from the next-door-neighbour's house, who died last year (R.I.P., Mr. Trader), painted it blue - it was meant to be blue-grey. I added the window on the left. The trims around the door and the new window (salvaged from another neighbour) will be painted white. I am going to build a planter below the center window, which will match the blue door. I'll put an eaves trough up too, and a barrel to catch the rainwater for the garden behind it (not in picture). The wood is in rough shape, and someday when I have some cash, I'll put up siding and insulation so I can work all winter long...

This is my pride and joy.
I like him too!

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