Friday, April 16, 2010


Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy Board Meeting

Today was the 'Annual General Meeting.' Wonderful people. A lot was discussed, but the things I expected to happen did not - nay could not - since a lot is still up in the air before we can do hard budget-planning. I continue to invite your prayers for the success of this crucial educational apostolate in this country. It is amazing how much generosity has concentrated itself at K0J 1B0 - the area code for Barry's Bay (kind of our 90210, for my American readers).

A Bursary Fund for Maritime Canadians

I have been tinkering with this idea for some time now. I will make the big announcement about it tomorrow. My idea is to set up an association to raise money for young Maritimers to attend OLSWA. I am really excited about this, and think it is an idea whose time has long since come! I am planning to simply call it Our Lady's College Fund.

HBD, Holy Father

Anne-Marie tells me that today is Pope Benedict's 83rd birthday. Ad multos annos, pater meus.God sends us exactly the pope we need when we need him. I could never say enough about how great a blessing he is to us. I have had three - count 'em, three - dreams about him over the last few years, where I am trying to get him to sign my copy of one of his books. The third time I succeeded. I just simply deserve to meet him and have a long conversation with him. I do, I really do.

A Defense of Cardinal Sodano, (So Far) Right Here!

I am mildly annoyed with my friend and very fine writer for LifeSiteNews, Hilary White, for her reporting on the NCR writer's, Jason Barry's, articles on Cardinal Sodano's link with Maciel. I don't want to get into it too much, but the simple fact remains that one cannot be considered complicit in an evil that was treacherously hidden from them! It is not news to say that Sodano was a great supporter of the LCs. It would be news if there was any proof that His Eminence knew anything about his actual conduct. To give a friend the benefit of the doubt is not a crime. It is called friendship. So far nothing substantive has come out, it seems. Is this a lesson for the whole world on not rushing to judgment? Is it possible that someone I know is abusing children? It is possible. It is possible that it is someone I love deeply. Just like everyone else, I'd like to think that I'd know if it was happening around me, but as the record shows, people don't usually realize it until it is too late.

On this blog, everyone is innocent until proven guilty by my moodiness.

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