Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hugely Significant OLSWA Board Meeting this Week!

I should solicit your prayers. Without going in to too much detail, this will be one of the most important board meetings of the year - of all years - at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy. I've been re-elected to the Board, as has my friend and colleague, Dr. Ryan Freeburn. I'm really happy with his re-election because, like me, he values the academic program, and thinks that it is really the centre of our apostolate. We are not just a great school because - but we won't be a great school without - a rich and academically excellent program of intellectual formation.

For readers who don't know, OLSWA is in a serious financial crisis, and that means that some of our course offerings may be in jeopardy. By the way - if you are thinking about a way to support the Church and the intellectual and moral formation of young people, please consider a donation to OLSWA now! - save our program, help it to grow to be even better!

I just had a neat thought. By my calculations, it costs us about $5,000 to offer a semester-long course (3 credits). Why doesn't someone send us a cheque, and write on it: a donation to save one course. I even have a course in mind for you to save: my Christology course! Come on, do it!

Dear President of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy,

I am making this $5,000 donation to save Dr. Kerr's Christology course. I believe in true, faithful Catholic education, and I want to help you. How many places can young people learn the truth about the Person of Our Incarnate Lord? If not here, then where?

Just a suggestion. At least pray for us! Pray that we might have wisdom. We need this grace.

I really want to have good news for you this week. I'll pray too.

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