Friday, April 23, 2010

Bring Forth the Firestorm!

Archbishop Prendergast has called for a "firestorm of response" to the plan of the Government of Ontario to force its new scurrilous sex-ed program onto all schools - even Catholic Schools. For the latest on this, and for some good links, check out Craine's article (an OLSWA alumn!) on LifeSiteNews. I clicked on the link to the Premier and set him the following email:

Dear Sir,

As a father of four, three of whom are now in the Catholic School system in Renfrew County, and as a Catholic Theologian at a respected and burgeoning college, I find the policy of your government in attempting to violate the core of our school system's uniqueness by forcing a non-Catholic view of sexuality upon my children deeply offensive. Your intention to employ the will of the majority on our Catholic minority is a bullying tactic not worthy of this democracy. I know that I am reflecting the views of a great number of Catholic parents who will not allow our children to be manipulated by a value system that is not our own. If you would have all Ontarians act with great respect toward the views of others, then set a better example by respecting our views. We are the parents, we do not answer to you regarding the education of our children, you answer to us. And I say, no, to this markedly un-Catholic program of yours.

Sincerely, Dr. Colin Kerr

Here is his email "instant reply" message:

Thanks for your online message.

I often say that Ontario works best when we work together, so hearing from you is important to me.

Every letter and message I receive is read and reviewed carefully. If your message requires an answer, we'll do our best to get back to you as quickly as we can.

Given the volume of online messages and letters I receive, and the fact that I may need to share your message with one of my cabinet ministers or the appropriate government officials for more information, a response may take several business days.

Thanks again for taking the time to write me.

Premier Dalton McGuinty

I have never sent an email to an elected official before - yes, now I am officially 'one of those people.'

And thank-you, Archbishop Prendergast, for showing admirable leadership on this! So nice to have a good shepherd at the helm. Sorry for the mixed metaphor, but "good shepherd in the field" doesn't quite sound right.


  1. Looks like the response worked. The program is shelved and another one will take a while to formulate. Sometimes we do have victories.

  2. And we owe all to that lovable rolley-poley guy from Barry's Bay - me!