Friday, March 26, 2010

A Week of Penance at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy

Today was a day scheduled for fasting and prayer for the whole school, beseeching the Lord to bless the Academy with the material means to continue on its important mission as perhaps the only place in Canada providing independent and fully-faithful Catholic university education. We gathered in St. Hedwig's at lunch to pray a rosary with that intention. It brings to a close our novena to the Divine Infant of Prague. But this was an unusual week. It appears that the Norwalk virus hit our students. At least a third were down and out on Wednesday and Thursday. We cancelled classes. It just occurred to me how frequent it is that the Lord adds something to the offerings we make to Him. We intended a day of fasting. For these sick students there were a few days of fasting. I think it is more meritorious when things are demanded of you that you do not get to control. That is my problem with people who wrap up their devotional life so tightly that there is little in it that is not 'of them.' The hardest sacrifices are the ones we did not plan on making - like getting sick, like when a friend 'burdens' us with a visit or a request - or an enemy.

I think all our students who bravely offered-up the misery of their flues have won for us great graces. I spoke of hope earlier: God has made of us a greater offering than we were willing to make on our own. He is good.

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