Saturday, March 20, 2010

Two Milestones

Sarah-Grace's Spiritual Milestone

According to one of the other theologians at OLSWA, I am extending the seal of confession too widely. He is likely correct, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. This is a preamble to me saying this thing in this way: today Sarah-Grace's communion preparation class is being given the opportunity to make their first confessions. God bless my Sarah-Grace. If anyone is ready for this step it's her. Please say a prayer for her, and, indeed, for her whole class!

Why Scott is Important

Mr. Scott Nicholson - yet another theologian at OLSWA - is turning 40 very soon. We were going to have a party for him today but his wife came down with strep throat, so it's postponed. I'd like to offer a few words about Scott. He has been with the Academy basically since its beginning. He is one of the smartest people I know, and - oddly enough in a theologian - extremely good with numbers. The 'Admissions Committee' marvelled recently at his ability to estimate the averages of a couple of transcripts within one tenth of a percent. Scott is a true bureaucrat - thank God. He loves the minutia of academic institutional procedure and is extremely good with money.

The greatest thing about Scott is his deep faith, and this goes a great distance in explaining his legacy at OLSWA. Everyone who works at OLSWA does it because their faith is strong. This is indisputably the case with Scott, who has the distinction of being the longest full-time family person at the Academy. That's a mouth-full. Explaining Scott in this light is in a way to throw praise on all of us. Scott has worked for the Academy for ten years, and has been married for about eight of these, and now has four children. Knowing our wages is to know that Scott has been heroically committed to the cause of true Catholic education in Canada. It takes a special kind of person to commit to raising a family for basically poverty-level wages for this long. This puts into perspective those people serving 'the cause of Catholic education' while getting paid $100,000 a year. There is service and then there is heroic service. Without the apostolic commitment of people like Scott - but especially Scott - OLSWA would have been that silly Canadian dream that silly Canadian Catholics like to dream - "Wouldn't it be great if Canada had a real Catholic school like Stuebenville?"


I'd like to shame anyone right now into putting their faith into practice. We have this amazing dream taking shape in the Ottawa Valley, called Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy. It has been recognized twice by the fine people at The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College for supplying what none of the other recognized "Catholic" Colleges do, that is, provide authentic, faithful Catholic post-secondary education - St. Paul's is not in that guide, St. Michael's is not, St. Jerome's is not, Regis College is not, St. Thomas is not, St. Mary's is not... et cetera.

It is crucial for the future of Catholicism in this country that people recognize the truth and the importance of the above paragraph, and cease in the belief that by supporting the mainstream colleges that they are promoting Catholic education in Canada. If you withdraw your support of those schools, and let them know that you are disappointed with their record of promoting the catholicity of Catholic education, that might cause them to change - some day perhaps. But why would they change? They get most of their money from the government. Without that money how could they maintain their salaries as they are? I was astonished to learn that public schools get 70-80%of their revenue from government subsidies. We get roughly 0%. And yet we managed a tuition on pare with them! What are they doing with all that money? Oh, yeah, $100,000 salaries. More importantly, what kind of freedom and independence does this impede? We'll we see what it does. These so-called Catholic colleges are trying to do something impossible. They are trying to say that they are Catholic and yet say that they are not so in any way that should keep any non-Catholic student from coming there. As per my last post, we have seen how St. Jerome is attempting to play both sides. Another example: note St. Paul University's tag line: "A Distinctive Voice" An advertising genius thought to himself, 'How do we allude to our Catholic side in a way that doesn't dissuade anyone at all who is not Catholic from coming here?' Kind of like the term 'Progressive Conservative.' The truth is, St. Paul's is not a distinctive voice. It is the same hodgepodge of irrelevant Catholicism, more concerned with worldly values, feminism, environmentalism. In the end, making no difference at all whatsoever.

The best thing you can do for the future of Catholicism in this country is to make a donation to OLSWA so that people like Scott can keep doing what they've been doing.

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