Monday, March 22, 2010

A Material Milestone

Sarah-Grace's Birthday

Happy 8th to my older girl! I'm sure all parents think this way about their kids, but Sarah-Grace is truly a special kid. She is very kind-hearted - that is her best trait - and, like her dad, she loves to read. She is a little mother to Rebecca and Stephen, and we are so proud of her! Anne-Marie is preparing a lovely birthday meal for her, made to order: roast chicken, fruit salad and cheesecake!

She really appreciated the card her little sister, Rebecca, made her

And has been hounding me for the Prince Caspian DVD. You my think her a little young for it, I wouldn't strenuously disagree with you. She's read all the Chrinicles of Narnia. I haven't really read any of them. I enjoy the non-fiction of C. S. Lewis, myself.

And this is Anne-Marie's cheesecake. I might actually say that it was the best one I've ever tasted!


  1. Happy Birthday, Sarah-Grace. Jacob saw her picture and said, Hmmm, she looks a little familiar.

  2. Happy belated Birthday Sara-Grace! We wish we could be closer to celebrate with you. We miss you and love you and hope that you had a very fun and blessed day! Great pictures and little story from the big day...I think I am starting to like this blog thing!