Monday, March 1, 2010

Here comes Spring!

I was locked in the house - sick again, again. I want to be optimistic here - and it won't be too hard to find reason.

My highlight today was getting out of the house finally, at about 5 pm. It took me that long to muster up enough energy.

It was well worth the wait. It was a sunny 3 degrees, the snow was melting, the air was gentle and pure. The sight of cement appearing on the sidewalk was a good one. I didn't realize that I needed Spring so much. I generally think I like winter. I guess it wears thin come March 1st. So I've decided Spring starts on March 1st henceforth. The forecast for the rest of the week is about the same as today. It's hard to believe that I'll be bike-riding with the kids in a few weeks. I'm giving my students midterms this week or so, so they will be in their last 1/4 of the year very soon. Spring in Barry's Bay puts Halifax to shame. Early Spring is Halifax's worst season: wet, gloppy, slushy. Things will turn around here really quickly. One day the lake is covered with fish huts, the next the kids and I are down at the park, wading in the water, guessing when we'll be able to swim.

The simple pleasures are the best ones.


  1. My thoughts exactly. Amazing how cement and the foundation of one's house can set the heart aflutter. Poor Hannah thought that March 1st meant that the snow would be miraculously gone (completely) from the Bay. She is now hoping for a March 21st turnaround.

  2. I think she'll be pleasantly surprised. Come on, global warming, do your thang!

  3. I am hating "spring" here, just as you say. Bitterly windy, dirty snowbanks and slush abound and grey, grey skies.

    On a brighter note, we will be back in Barry's Bay in May. :D