Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Day in the Life of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy Professor, Dr. Colin Kerr

Although there will be some holes and misdirections, this is a good enough picture of what I do at OLSWA.

A Snow Day in Barry's Bay?

I got the call this morning that the buses to my kids' school were cancelled because of the weather. To be fair, when I took this picture there was a tiny bit of hail falling.

Coffee! NOW!

I often check in St. Clare's Cafe in the basement of St. Joseph Hall, OLSWA, to see if there is any coffee brewing - otherwise I brew some in my office.

Our illustrious Dean of Students - who asked to remain nameless in this post - is pleasantly preparing some. Thanks, nameless friend!

Class One: Thomistic Thought

Class first thing, with this group of smart and really good young people. They don't look too bright - but they are: they are just camera shy.


In addition to being a crack-theologian, I am OLSWA's librarian. I love being the librarian. It is a special part of the intellectual apostolate. Our library is small - some 10,000 volumes - small when you think that the University of Toronto's main library would probably have in the vicinity of a few million volumes. But ours is okay; it is growing. We have special collections in Thomistic Thought, Chesteron, Belloc, Newman and others. Any support you could provide this library, my friends, would be a great help to our faculty and students. Please contact me about this!

Today I shelved about 30 books, and catalogued a few new ones - nothing major. I'm paid to do about 10 hours of work per week in the library, but let me tell you, I do much more than that! That's my cataloguing computer in the background, and our Development Director hard at work, whom you've met in an earlier post.

Class Prep.

My office is my home away from home. It's where I do my best thinking, eating and sometimes even snoozing.

I have about 9 pages left to read from City of God for my Augustinian Thought class in about an hour, and must pull together some thoughts on Confessions for a lecture. I love my job - you should envy me! I think I'll talk about the structure of the Books of Confessions in light of his idea of the 6/7 stages of human life and the 6/7 stages of the history of the world.

Home for Lunch

I have about a 30 second commute home in the car. I forgot a book, so I will take an early lunch. Time enough to wolf down a sandwich, say hi to the kids, kiss the wife and then off I go again.

Class Two: Augustinian Thought

This is a smaller upper-level class. We always have good discussions. Again, camera shy, but lovely people.

Home for Supper

Unusual for me, I have a meeting this evening, and am not feeling all that well, so I came home early to make my specialty: spaghetti, a proud Kerr tradition.

Anne-Marie does by far the majority of the cooking, but I pretty much insist on doing the spaghetti.

Senate Meeting

The Academic Senate is the ultimate authority in the School on matters academic. It sets curriculum, scheduling and all academic policies. We have some tough matters to decide tonight - sorry I can't tell you about them! They declined to permit me a picture.

Back Home

Little bit of time to relax with Anne-Marie after a long day. It was after 9 when I got home. Still have some reading to do for my morning class tomorrow. Woh is me - but wouldn't change this life for any other...

I hope this was an enlightening experience, for all of you contemplating the life of the underpaid academic.

Good night and the peace of Christ be with you.


  1. How about doing a post on Anne-Marie's life? You know, a day in a life of an underpaid academic's wife? That would be helpful for me :D

  2. I would be more than happy to write on her life - the problem is she is too humble, won't let me do it. I'll work on her.