Friday, February 12, 2010

Sick Again!

It's winter in Canada and we breathe in each other's air all day long. I'd open the window, but, you know, it's -15 right now. The flu is making its way through the family once again. Children are virus sponges.

Thus, I have been doing a little bit of surfing. I discovered the Catholic Blog Directory, and am having some fun distracting myself with the thoughts of awesome Catholic people. From what I've seen, the blogs there run the gamut from sophisticated academia to gentile family life stuff. Whatever your mood, there'll be something there for you.

This is not exactly how I had hoped to spend the first day of Spring Break. I wanted to be sitting in Pope Lando Library cataloguing books. Fun, fun. The Pope Lando thing is a joke that was never set right. The official name of the OLSWA library is 'St. Thomas Aquinas', but I (or somebody like me!) put up a sign dedicating the library to a pope who has probably never had a library named after him. Who can blame me?

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