Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back From Toronto

Went to Toronto on OLSWA library business, and to visit some friends - graduates of the Academy, and to visit my brother and his family.

I dislike the city, but availed myself of the one thing it has more of than Barry's Bay, that is, other than people - books. I went to pick up the last few boxes of books that a community of Redemptoristine nuns from Fort Erie donated to the school. The books were in Brantfort, which is famous as the home of Wayne Gretzky. On my way back from Brantford I stopped in to visit some of my past students for the afternoon. Had a great time reminiscing with them.

I got to my brother's house in the evening, and the next morning helped him get some furniture a cousin of mine was giving him. I had not been at this cousin's house in about 18 years.

My little indulgence was stopping by St. Michael's College library (my Alma Mater). I had to photocopy a small work of Augustine's (De beata vita) and while there visited the book sale table. I fount 11 books that I thought useful to the school. At 50 cents a book it was a real steal. I think 5 of the 11 will stay with me for a while - they are on and by Plato. When in Toronto I go book shopping. Some people like shoes. I like books.

We finally replaced the camera that someone - a nameless somebody - broke. So to celebrate here's a picture of me deep in thought, being watched over by my bodyguard

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