Sunday, January 10, 2010

We're Sick but We're Alive and Grateful

I think most married folk would agree with me that the hardest part of family life is sickness. A flu runs through the family, taking all in its wake. We have had some doozies over the years. You can't imagine what I'm talking about until you combine diapers and diarrhea, carpets and vomit. Luckily we only have one in diapers, and he is such a trooper, still laughing, running, and not chaffing at all. Vomit wipes up, it's just unfortunate that I had just recently shampooed the carpets. It's not the worst flu we've ever had. The best thing about being sick is that when you get better there follows a few days when you really appreciate your health and all the little things in life.

Winters are hard on families; they can be. You know, in a strange way it's a blessing we're in Barry's Bay and the winters are just so hard here. I looked it up and it says that the daily average high for Halifax in January and February is 0 degrees. For Eastern Ontario the figure I've found is -6 degrees. Now that's the high, and that's a sizable difference. Although I must say that the average high for the last two weeks has surely been much lower than that, say -10. (I have a thermometer in my car - I pay attention.) Now the reason why I say it's a blessing is that you really get a feeling here in BB that we are all in it together. Maybe it's just small town life, verses Halifax anonymity. I think it's a little more than that. There is a strong family feel here, both via locals and via imports.

What's going on with me - I feel like Mr. Optimism these days? Denial, denial, denial.

"Promise me you will never die!"

"I promise."

- Sorry, I had to end with a line from one of my favourite movies. Won't tell you it's name.

Le Seigneur soit avec vous.

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