Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Top Ten Myths about St. Augustine

My specialty is St. Augustine. Every second year I get to teach "Augustinian Thought" here at OLSWA. I whipped this up as a light-hearted way to enter into the subject matter. I imagine that there are other ways to enumerate the 'myths.' (I welcome feed back!)

The Top Ten Myths about St. Augustine (in no particular order)

1. That he remained a Manichaean after his baptism.
2. That his conversion in 386 was a conversion to Platonism; the Christian conversion came sometime later.
3. That he was a homosexual and did not mention his friend’s name in Confessions, Book 4, for this reason.
4. That he suffered from an oedipal attraction for his mother.
5. That he was sexually dissolute, and that his ‘obsessive’ preoccupation with sex was a result of this.
6. That he was a misogynist.
7. That he didn’t know Greek.
8. That his exegesis became more literal with time.
9. That he advocated state enforcement of religion.
10. That he hated his father.

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