Wednesday, January 20, 2010



Proud dad is just as proud as ever of his older daughter, Sarah-Grace. She was one of the three children in grades 1-3 from her school to make it to the regional spelling bee championship. Well, she lasted 5 rounds - just one-third of the children remaining - when she was beset with a word that would trouble many adults: heirloom. When that word was announced I thought, "No shame in failing with heirloom." Sarah, just as composed as ever, accepted defeat unpeturbed.

She'll never forget h-e-i-r-l-o-o-m, just as her dumb dad will never forget mispelling Wednesday in the first round of his class bee in grade five. Luckily, the apple fell far from that tree. The 'd' in 'Wednesday' is for "dufus dad declined dreadfully."

Other highlights of the bee? How about the kid with the eye-bandage being asked to spell 'eye.'

All praise to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Dominus vobiscum.


  1. I wonder if eye-bandage boy caught the significance? Congratulations to Sarah-Grace.

  2. Eye-Bandage Boy sounds like a super hero. His talent: he can see with one eye what others can see with two. Wow.
    I'm note sure if he did, but it was rather hilarious.