Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Last Night Without Anne-Marie

Where's Anne-Marie?

Tomorrow we are off to get Anne-Marie at the Ottawa Airport. She was in Charlottetown for her sister's wedding, to Mr. Michael Loflin, from San Antonio, Texas. Welcome to the family, sir. My sister-in-law is a wonderful person, and I hope her all the best at this exciting time. I hope to meet Mr. Loflin at some point.

I usually miss Anne-Marie desparately when we are separated - I know, sounds weird. Yet this time I really haven't. Probably just busy. Probably enjoying the kids' Wii too much. I'm not much of a phone guy, but Sarah-Grace enjoyed talking to her on the phone.


I haven't done much this Christmas per se. I have read a bunch, and that is great. I have read a few dialogue of Plato. Perhaps I'll comment somewhat on them soon enough. I started Dostoevsy's The Adolescent (aka A Raw Youth). Fiction is difficult for me, so it very well may be this time next year when I finish it. I am also (as usual) picking through a number of other books. Did you know that Newman wrote a number of autobiographies, in addition to Apologia pro vita sua? I am reading one of the briefer ones - around 70-80 pages, trying to decide whether to incorporate it into my Modern Church History course. Likely will, but probably only half of it. And, of course, I am reading Augustine - I am always reading Augustine. God gave me him to make me cozy and warm. It's so nice having a friend who loves me and whom I love. I am working on his Tractates on the Gospel of John and picking through a volume of excerpts on his comments on "education." I'm suppose to give a lecture to the faculty roughly on this topic in a few weeks.

The Kids

Have had an awesome Christmas - or at least I have enjoyed enjoying their enjoyment. I really didn't find it hard at all taking care of the four of them myself. The only thing is it's hard to get a whole lot of other things done; or maybe it's not, but I just don't want to? I think Anne-Marie owes me about 17 dish-washes, 22 bum-changes (of the baby!), and I'm short about three naps.

Although I never went anywhere this Christmas, I had a lovely time with our friends, the Klukes -they visiting us and we them. You know, we are going to see our great family friend tomorrow. I'll tell you later who I mean. Will the kids be able to talk me out of going to Lee Valley tomorrow in Ottawa?

I bet I'll have some photos soon - of our Ottawa thing tomorrow, and of the Kelly-Loflin wedding.

Pax vobiscum.

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